Affiliate Program

The BCA Study Abroad Affiliate Program seeks to build partnerships and foster relations with U.S. colleges and universities in support of study abroad through professional and personalized service and support.  

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the BCA Study Abroad Affiliate Program is to provide seamless transitions for students enrolling in BCA programs, as well as ease of use for campus professionals. We are committed to working closely with campus faculty and administrators in supporting study abroad.

To receive a BCA Affiliate Agreement, please contact Teresa Shaw at or call 1-866-222-6188.

Benefits of Affiliation

For Students

  • Priority for travel funds to attend BCA's annual Student Conference on European-U.S. Relations (if studying at a BCA center in Europe)
  • BCA Study Abroad Student Contest with PJSA – fee waived for entry

For Administrators and Faculty:

  • Account customization in our online system
  • Application fee waivers for BCA International Faculty Seminars
  • Priority consideration for Curriculum Integration provided by BCA program staff
  • Assessment reports detailing learning outcomes from online student surveys (if enrollment is 25 or more)
  • Consultation with BCA program staff when BCA programs are reviewed or changes considered
  • BCA literature for study abroad offices
  • BCA representation at study abroad fairs
  • Invoices for the published program cost for each student which includes tuition, room and board
  • A regularly updated fee schedule including a cost breakdown and estimates for expenses outside of the program’s cost for which students must budget

 Affiliated Schools Agree to:

  • Promote BCA Study Abroad programs to its students and faculty
  • Assist interested students with enrollment, course selection and advising
  • Verify enrollment of students in BCA programs
  • Evaluate the academic performance and course credit for each student upon successful completion of the academic programs
  • Provide federal, state and institutional financial aid for which students may be eligible during participating in BCA Study Abroad programs
  • Invite BCA to study abroad fairs and assist with campus visits involving meetings or information sessions/tables with students, faculty and/or administrators
  • Promote BCA to students through school website and through printed literature available on campus

Note: BCA students are regarded as fully matriculated undergraduates while studying abroad. As such, BCA expects that students will retain their eligibility for scholarships, loans and other financial aid available to all regularly enrolled students in accordance with their college’s regulations and policies for off-campus study.