Health & Safety

Upon arrival in Marburg you will attend a detailed orientation that includes a session on staying safe and healthy while living in Germany.

Marburg has a number of high-quality medical facilities, and our resident director will provide you with a list of clinic names and phone numbers during orientation.

Our on-site resident director is available to you whenever you need medical or any other type of assistance.

Travel and Medical Assistance

Student safety is a priority for BCA. To help ensure that you remain healthy while abroad, BCA requires all students to have major medical insurance coverage. We are happy to provide names of companies that offer reasonably priced coverage for study abroad students. BCA Marburg students are also covered under DAK, a German health insurance provider, during the university semester.

Staying Safe

While you are abroad, it is important to follow the same common-sense safety precautions that you follow at home: never walk alone at night, keep doors locked, do not allow strangers into your housing, and never leave bags or backpacks unattended. We strongly urge all students to read the U.S. Department of State's information regarding travel to Germany.